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Destry Balch, a graduate of University of North Texas in Denton, became the KHS band director in the summer of 2004. Previous to this, he was the Kingwood 9th grade director from 2001 through 2004. He has also worked in the communities of Van, Spring Hill and Lufkin, all of which are in Texas. He is married to Nita and together they have five children - Tony who is an Army Vet and is presently at home and working, Samuel who is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army, Aubrey who is an Army Medic and has just returned from her second Afghanistan deployment, Matthew R and Matthew B who are both in college. Other than being a full time husband and father, he also likes to garden and fish, and he is a lifelong student of the Biblical Scripture. When band is in full swing, there is not much time for hobbies other than his faith, his family and band.

Who’s Who in Band (‘17-18)

2017-2018 KM4B

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Sarah Scheper

Lode Croo Leaders (What is lode Croo?)

Left to right:  Hayden Andrews (Lieutenant), Taylor Hendrick (Captain), Miguel Garza (Lieutenant), Hayden Bivens (Lieutenant)

Drum Majors

Liv Velvin and Emily Anaya

Drill Leaders

Bennett Wehr, Isabelle Bauhs, Tyler Merkley, Nawaal Ahmed, Grant Doyle

Flag Line Captains

Ashley Trotter, Rachel Shaw

Section Leaders

Bass Saxophone Section Leaders

Aaron Canales, Abby Afdahl, Chad Cheatham

French Horn Section Leader

Danica Flood

Trumpet Section Leader

Madison Parker

Flute Section Leaders

Francine Meij & Lena Knoe rzer

Clarinet Section Leader

Chase Cheatham

Trombone Section Leader

Kyra Oberroeckling

Tuba Section Leader

Hussein Turfa

Euphonium Section Leader

Tiger Morrison

Tenor Sax Section Leader

Zac Tucker

Bass Clarinet Section Leader

Allison Golla

David Fluker

Krystle McAdams, a graduate of Hargrave High School in Huffman, Texas became the Flag Line Instructor in the spring of 2016. She has taken classes at Lee College in Baytown, Texas to begin pursuing her Associate Degree for nursing, which she plans to complete at Lone Star College Kingwood. From 2012 to present, she has been a caregiver for special needs children and the elderly. She has three years of previous color guard experience with the HHS Falconette Drill Team, where she maintained the position of Field Captain for two of those years. Ms. McAdams was responsible for team, trio, and solo choreography in the spring competition months. After graduating, she continued to help choreograph for individual students. When she is not working with the flag line, she enjoys spending time with God, dancing, and being artistic.

Reese Foster

KM4B Instructors

Other Bands

Band Boosters

2017-2018 Band Seniors


Jake Moore

Flag Line

(Left to Right) Robin Hormann, Emma Putnam, Alexandra Korompay, Sarah Scheper, Ashley Trotter,Rachel Shaw


Lourdes Couples

Tyler Morrison, a graduate of Lee University in

Cleveland, Tennessee became the KHS assistant band director in the summer of 2016. Before moving to Texas he was the United Christian Academy’s middle school band founder and director from 2014 to 2016. While in Tennessee, he worked closely with various large band programs and assisted as their marching tech and private lesson instructor. His students have received many awards on their instruments including college scholarships, admittance into the Tennessee All-State Band, Governor’s School and District Honor Band. Outside of directing the KHS band, he enjoys prayer, worship, kayaking, and other various outdoor activities. 


Emily Pogue

VP Administration

Kaylee Walling

2017-18 Leadership Team

Top row: Chad Cheatham, Bennett Wehr, Tiger Morrison, Hayden Bivens, Zac Tucker, Michael Hanson, Neil Curtain, David Fluker, Chase Cheatham

Row 4: Grant Doyle, Hayden Andrews, Eric Torres, Hussein Turfe, Taylor Hendrick, Aaron Canales ,Kyra Oberbroeckling, Francine Meij

Row 3: Abby Afdahl, Danica Flood, Isabel Bauhs, Liv Velvin, Diego Sandana, Tyler Merkley, Nawaal Ahmad, Miguel Garza, Madison Parker

Row 2: Emily Anaya, Ashley Trotter, Rachel Shaw, Jacob Mantei, Allison Golla, Lena Knoerzer

Row 1: Jake Moore, Kaylee Walling, Makayla Albert, Sarah Scheper, Emily Pogue, Lourdes Couples