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August 2017

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 25, 2017, as a category 4 hurricane.  It stalled over Texas for several days, causing rainfall of up to 50 inches.  Monday, August 28, scheduled to be the first day of the school year, found Kingwood residents hunkered down in their homes, many without power, internet or cell service.  

On Tuesday, August 29, rising water levels in Lake Houston caused widespread flooding throughout Kingwood neighborhoods.  Kingwood High School also flooded, causing $75 million in damages.  Floodwaters reached 6 feet in the Fine Arts wing on the first floor.

But Harvey was not only the story of a disaster - it was also the story of a community coming together...


Our new trailer, purchased by the Kingwood Band Boosters just the previous year, sheltered some of our instruments on higher ground.

The Summer Creek High School Bulldogs gave us a warm and gracious welcome when they shared their school building with us.


Of course our band directors, booster club, parents, students and the whole Humble ISD community all made it possible for our band kids to have a strong marching season and a bit of normalcy in a disruptive year. We send our gratitude to the following groups and individuals for your overwhelming show of support:

Boulder Creek High School Band Boosters
Kenneth Buxton
Effex Management Solutions/Louis Flory
Fleming Instrument Repair
Friendswood High School Band
Jim Grubbs 
Hammond Foundation
Har-Ber High School Band Boosters
J. Christopher's Pizza and Pasta
Lee University School of Music
John Owens
Craig & Dawn Reffner
Richard & Christina Trotter
Union Pacific
Walker Valley HS Band Boosters
Warren Township Band Boosters

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