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What we desire from anyone who helps serve in our community. 

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Downshift // Lean into Awkward

We choose to slow down and communicate clearly today, so that we can move forward faster tomorrow. We build trust, character and relationships of tomorrow by engaging in the tough conversations today through intentional listening and mutual respect for others.

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All Of Us, All The Time

We protect the unity of our band by acting with respect toward other members, and by properly responding to directors, staff, and student leadership.

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Our Vision, Your Mind

We empower those who carry the heart and vision of our band to lead with their creativity. We empower others who are committed to remain teachable and humble.

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Selfless Service

We don't give to get. We give our time, effort and talents from a heart of love with pure motives into our school, band and surrounding community.

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Give Your All

We pursue excellence in all things, both big and small. We aim to make the most of our years in band and steward our season well by leaving this program better than we found it. As leaders, we will get what we intentionally create, and allow within the program.

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"I Choose to Forgive"

There is no growth without empathy, humility, and forgiveness. Successful forgiveness is not defined by a feeling, but a repetitive choice to release others from their wrongdoings. We choose to forgive others for our ownsake, not for theirs. Forgiveness doesn’t have to mean reconciliation, and prevents our lives from being defined by our wounds.

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Focused Listening + Teachability

We believe that healthy feedback is a two way street. We welcome opportunities to hear what is on your heart, and we commit to clarifying what is in ours.

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Pause, Party

If we're not having fun, we're doing it wrong! We make time to celebrate the little wins that create a big victory. We intentionally celebrate both our personal accomplishments and our neighbor's accomplishments.

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Small Investments Often

By regularly expressing appreciation, gratitude, and respect for each other, we can create a positive perspective that builds and protects our band. We choose to honor others by building them up with our words and actions instead of tearing them down.

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Take a Rest, Be Your Best

It's a choice to slow down, and make rest a priority! We are dedicated to stewarding our time well. We will balance productivity with a commitment to take time away and recover in order to maintain our health, well-being, and effectiveness.



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